This is premium only feature, you would need to be on at least "Professional" plan.

In order to show FAQs on homepage, please follow these steps:

1. Enable a feature through settings. Please follow these steps to make sure feature is activated.

Design and Settings > General > Show FAQs on other pages > View Settings > Activation > Activate.

After activation, you should start seeing FAQs at appropriate place.

2. Visit your stores admin panel.

3. Click on "Online Store" > "Themes" > "Customize".

4. From left side panel, click on "Add section".

5. Find and click on "Custom HTML" and then click on "Add". 

- If you don't see "Custom HTML" option, your theme might have it somewhere else.

    a. Click on “Add section” > “Custom content” > “Add Content” > “Custom HTML”.

    b. You can set section width to be 100%.

- If you can't find "Add section" or "Custom HTML" element in your theme editor, that means your theme doesn't provide this functionality. Worth contacting your theme developer at this point. If they don't respond, please contact us and we will take a further look into it.

6. Add following code snippet and hit save.

<div id="ef-faqs-plus-app-content"></div>

7. Setup is complete! If you want, you can drag this section to area of your choice.