This is premium only feature, you would need to be on at least "Professional" plan.
If you are using any AMP plugin for your theme, this feature is not supported yet.

If you would like to show FAQs on CMS page (ex. About us, Our Team) created through Shopify, please follow these guidelines.

1. Visit your store's admin panel.

2. Click on "Online Store" > "Pages" and then click on page where you would like to show FAQs.

3. Click on "Edit HTML" button.

4. Add following code snippet in are where you would like to show FAQs and hit save.

<div id="ef-faqs-plus-app-content"></div>

If you wish, you can also use categories "Embed code" here which would show only FAQs from that category instead of all FAQs. Visit categories section in app to get embed code.

5. Setup is complete. Please save a page and you should see all FAQs on newly created page.

6. Enable embed FAQs feature. Please follow these steps to make sure feature is activated.

Design and Settings > General > Show FAQs on other pages > View Settings > Activation > Activate.

After activation, you should start seeing FAQs at appropriate place.