Note that this is Professional plan only feature.
When you create separate page with FAQs, it wouldn't have standard things like search bar, category title, intro text, footer text etc., These things are specially designed for your dedicated FAQ page.

App allows showing FAQs on different parts of your store. But some merchants might want to create separate pages with FAQs of their choice. Ex. Merchant might want to create separate page for returns and refunds related FAQs.

All you need for get this working is an embed code. If you are on professional plan, you get access to these embed codes.

If you would like to show all FAQs on a separate page, get embed code from here: (Step 4)

If you would like to show only certain FAQs on separate page, get embed code from here: (Step 4)

Make sure you are copying right embed code and same FAQ shouldn't appear on same page more than once.

Once you have embed code, follow these steps:

1. Visit your store's admin panel.

2. Click on "Online Store" > "Pages" and then click on page where you would like to show FAQs.

3. Let's call it "Returns and refund" and then put contents of your choice. 

4. Click on "Show HTML" and paste embed code you copied earlier & save page.

5. Enable embed feature feature. Go to Design and Settings > General > Show FAQs on other pages > View Settings > Activation > Activate.

5. Open your CMS page you created at step , you should see FAQs from "Returns and refunds" category on this newly created page.

You can create as many FAQ pages as you want based on your need with different categories.