Recently Shopify announced that they would remove FAQ app by ndnapps. We've seen many merchants installing our app as it is alternative app by recommended by Shopify.

In this post, would like to cover some common questions by merchants to reduce our support volume.

1. Can we import FAQs from ndnapps in our app?

No, each app data formats are different so it wouldn't be possible to import FAQs exported from any other app. You would need to manually copy over FAQs in our app. While copying, please make sure you are copying plain text instead of HTML tags. You have two options here:

  • After you copy paste, hit Remove button (icon with eraser) from tool bar. Note that sometimes it may not work so use following.
  • You can also use tools like HTML Tag Remover to remove HTML formatting.

2. Is there an embed code which we need to copy paste to get FAQs working?

No, our app is works and designed differently so you don't need to copy paste any HTML codes in your pages. Once you create your first FAQ through our app, you would see it live on your store at URL at "".

That means you are done! You don't need to do any other configuration to display these FAQs. FAQs would automatically shown on this dedicated page based on your display settings.

You can add this new URL to your store navigation easily with the help of Shopify navigation feature. You can find more information about it here.

3. We would like to have embed code to embed FAQs on our products, were to get that?

App does support embedding FAQs at various locations. Once you are on professional plan, you can grab a unique embed code from app and embed at area of your choice. You can find more information about steps in articles mentioned below based on your usecase.

Articles: Click here

4. What additional things we can do with this app?

We offer variety of features apart from just having a standalone FAQ page.

5. We have more than one store and we've copied FAQs on one store. Now we would like to copy all those FAQs on our other stores.

Once you are done copying FAQs on one store, please contact our support with URLs of your other stores and we will copy those FAQs behind the scene for you which would be a huge time saver.