If you would like to embed section on a legacy theme, these are the steps you need to follow. In this example, we will be embedding a content below description of product. You can embed more than one content at various locations on a product page.

1. Open your theme in a code editor mode.

2. From left side navigation, open "sections" > "product-template.liquid".

3. In a new browser tab, open our app admin & navigate to contents page which should be the homepage of app.

4. Click "Copy code" in front of a content you wish to embed on a product page. This would copy a embed code in your clipboard.

5. Switch to a theme editor tab & then paste a code at a location where you wish to show that content. In this example, we would be showing it below product description.

6. Save settings & visit product page to make sure you are seeing a content.

If you still don't see a content then there could be multiple possibilities:

  1. Make sure you've activated legacy themes setup. Navigate to global settings > using legacy theme > configure > activate.
  2. App is disabled. Navigate to global settings > global > enable app.
  3. Content is not set to be disabled on product you are testing this on. Navigate to production configuration & make sure you have selected product <> content relationship.
    Contact our team if you are still out of luck and we are more than happy to help!