App allows you to select which products you would like to show content on giving you unlimited combination. In some cases, you might want to show content on all products & that's where this guide would help you.

Step 1: Create your content in app.

Step 2: Visit your store admin panel.

Step 3: Click on "Online store" > "Themes" from left and side menu.

Step 4: From "Current theme" section, choose "Customize" which would open up theme customizer.

Step 5: Select "Products" > "Default product" template from top navigation.

Step 6: From left side navigation, click "Add block" & choose "Custom content embed" from apps.

Step 7: Now you might have two situations here:

Option 1: You would like to show specific content on all products. Follow this tutorial to copy embed code for content & then select "Render content on all products & ignore product content relationship."

Option 2: You would like to render all contents on all products which would happen very rarely.

Once you save settings, you would see desired content displaying on app products.