App gives you flexibility to validate customers on cart page. Setup is similar to other pages except you need to embed a code in cart e

Demo site: (Make sure you add some product to cart)

If you would like to embed validator on a cart page, follow these instructions.

1. Go to App > Global Settings.

2. Change restriction type to be "Section (widget)"

3. Go to "Online store" > "Themes" > "Actions" > "Edit Code".

4. Here you would need to find a file which represents your cart template. Depending on theme, it might change. Following file location is on out of box shopify theme. If you couldn't find it at same location then best is to contact your theme developer. If you don't get any support from them, feel free to contact us.

Open "Sections" > "cart-template.liquid" and paste following code at appropriate location. In example, I've put validator on top of cart items.

<div id="rbz-zipcode-check-section"></div>

5. Save your changes and visit your store's cart page and you should see a zip code validator on cart page.