Professional plan does allow you to collect customers email address by default.

Additionally, you can collect information like first name, last name, address, city, phone number, zip code & additional notes. You can enabled these additional fields by following these steps:

1. Visit app

2. Navigate to "Global Settings" and scroll down to "Email Collection" tab.

3. Enable option for "Collect additional data from customer".

4. Select fields you are interested in. You can also configure whether those are optional or required.

5. Save configuration and you should be all set.

Customers email address and phone numbers are unique fields. So if customer is already on waitlist and they try to submit their details again, it wouldn't create duplicate record.

For phone field, customer would need to specify country code along with valid phone number (ex. +521555294782). If they don't provide country code, it will default to +1 (USA)

If you wish, you can also change placeholders used for these input fields. Follow these steps to change placeholder texts.

1. Visit app.

2. Navigate to "Design and Settings" and click on "Placeholders".

3. Scroll down and you would see a section where you can update placeholder texts for these input fields.

4. Save settings and then you should be all set.

Once all setup is done, customers from non-serviceable areas would be able to submit these additional details.

This feature is still in beta so if you run into any issues, please contact us with additional details.