Note that Shopify doesn't allow embedding anything in checkout steps so FAQs can only be embedded on checkout success / thank you page which appears after completing checkout.

Our new feature allows merchants to display categories of their choice on checkout success page. Customers can visit checkout success page whenever they want as they receive link for it in their email when they place an order. Please note that this applies only to checkout success/thank you page and not during checkout steps (Payment, Shipping etc.,)

It's great way to showcase your FAQs there to reduce customer service requests. This feature is available only on professional plan.

If you wish to use this feature then please navigate to "Categories" and choose a category you wish to show on checkout success page. You can choose multiple categories too!

Note that other FAQ elements like search, page title would be hidden from checkout success page. Only thing that would be visible category you select and intro text to give customers some context.

Enable feature:

In order to show FAQs on other parts of your store, you need to explicitly enable this feature by going to following setting.

Navigate to Design and Settings > General > Show FAQs on other pages > View Settings

Activation > Activate

If you see this feature already activated then please de-activate and activate it back as showing FAQs on checkout success page requires more access.

After activation, you should start seeing FAQs at appropriate place.

If you still don't see your FAQs on checkout success page then that means you have modified version of checkout page. Please contact our support and we will take a look if it can be fixed.