We recently launched feature which would allow you to show zip code validator on a site header. Note that this feature is in beta so if you run across any issues, please contact our support as we are still trying to perfect the product.

If you wish to enable header zip code validator then take following actions:

1. Visit "Global Settings" and under "Global" you would find an option to "Show zipcode validator in store header". Enable that checkbox and save a page.

2. If you've enabled app, you should immediately see header on your storefront. If you don't see that means you did put valid zip code in past so you will need to clear your cookies.

3. Header validator does get it's own settings because we can't re-use settings or messages from your other validators given there is very minimal space in header. Click on "Configure" option you see on above screenshot which would take you to dedicated settings page.

This page would allow you to change various aspects of header validator. As mentioned in the app, there are several restrictions of this validator mentioned below:

  1. Header validator would only be visible on desktop devices. It would be hidden on screens smaller than 1200px.
  2. Validator would disappear when customer successfully validates a zip code or explicitly close header bar. It would re-appear when default cookie expiration time ends.
  3. Header validator has limited elements because there is less space in header to play around with. For example email collection option is not available in this validator.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us and we are more than happy to help.