Many merchants want to submit a sitemap with FAQ page URL to Google search console. Note that, Shopify's automatically generated sitemap doesn't include FAQ page URL as this page is dynamically created.

In order to submit FAQ page URL to Google search console, you simply need to manually create new sitemap file and submit that instead.

Create a simple sitemap file with the reference of one attached below. Upload this sitemap file into files section on shopify and then create a redirect on shopify from a page called /faqsitemap to the file location on the shopify CDN.

Once you see your sitemap on page, you can submit it to Google search console.

Filename: faqsitemap.xml

<urlset xmlns="" xmlns:image="">

Redirect: from /faqsitemap to location of above file in your files folder.

Following sample links could be password protected. Enter "shopify" if it asks for a password & re-visit links.

Sample redirect:
Sample sitemap file: